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18.000 miles

Around the world in 80 days > Stage 2 - Australia & New Zealand

Story by Soigneur August 21st, 2017

Mark Beaumont, an adventure cyclist from Scotland, got on his KOGA in the early morning of July 2nd and cycled out of Paris heading east. He believes it's possible to cycle around the world in 80 days. Jules Verne would consider him a lunatic. We reckon if anyone can do it, it’s Mark.

We’re following him on his record breaking quest.

Stage 1

Mark cycled from Paris to Peking straight through Russia arriving in the Chinese capital after 28 days. From there he flew across the Indian Ocean to the next continent, landing in the city of Perth, Western Australia's capital. Not wasting any time, Mark was on his Koga Kimera just one hour after touch down, heading towards Australia's east coast.

Stage 2

For stage 2 of his 80 day race Mark crossed the entire Australian continent, from Perth to Brisbane, in just 16 days. He traced along the Great Australian Bight and then cycled up from Melbourne across New South Wales to finish in Brisbane, Queensland. From there he took a plane to the southernmost airport of New Zealand, Invercargill. One of the most beautiful parts of his trip began. But it's cold in New Zealand, as it's mid-winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The sun sets quickly and is slow to rise. This leg of the journey is all about keeping warm and dry.

On day 49 Mark arrived in the city of Sails, Auckland. He left behind his New Zealand team and took a plane to the American continent, starting the third leg of his trip in Anchorage, Canada.

This gallery tells the story of the cold and windy but also stunningly beautiful second stage, starting on day 29 and finishing on day 49 of Mark's round the world trip.

day 32_eyre highway_loads of cows and kangaroos.jpg

the bike

For his recent record breaking cycling adventures Mark has relied on the technique of his custom KOGA Kimera. It's light, stiff and its customised cockpit enables Mark to hold an aerodynamic position without getting too uncomfortable. You can find more specifics on this Dutch bike on the KOGA website.

day 30_perth_first sunrise in australia.jpg
day 42_narrabri_koga bike.jpg
day 29_perth_open road.jpg

wet aussie mornings

day 34_nellarbor nature reserve_mark.jpg
day 30_wellstead_night riding supported.jpg
day 31_munglinup_locals with their interesting mailboxes.jpg
day 31_jerramungup_kangaroo.jpg
day 32_90 mile straight_balledonia skies.jpg

90 mile straight

day 32_90 mile straight_profile.jpg
day 32_90 mile straight_balledonia.jpg
day 33_cockabilly_mark and follow vehicle in the outback.jpeg
day 32_eyre highway_laura and claire assisting mark's.jpg
day 33_majura pass_kangaroo and cows.jpeg
day 33_madura_hello.jpg

great australian bight

day 34_great australian bight_where land and sea meet hawks eye.jpg

fighting sidewinds

day 34_great australian bight_where land and sea meet with a flow.jpg
day 34_nellarbor nature reserve_pedestrian crossing.jpg
day 34_nellarbor nature reserve_valley runway.jpg
day 34_great australian bight_road ride.jpg

80 days of racing against the clock

day 39_melbourne_mark dressing up.jpg
day 39_melbourne_valley road ength.jpg
day 43_boggabilla newell highway_corima sponsor.jpg
day 35_kayancutta_speeding wlong with the wind behind.jpg
day 35_wirrulla_clean open road.jpg

meet up with ed pratt

On day 35 Mark and the Team met up with Ed Pratt: a 19 year old guy from Somerset (UK) who set off on the 14th of March for an 18,000 mile trip, you guessed it, around the world. On a UNICYCLE. If he makes it all the way around he'll be the first to do so on one wheel. Ed Pratt thinks he'll take about two years to accomplish this.

Tied on to his unicycle are are bags with everything he needs to survive: tent, sleeping bag, cooking stove, the works.

day 35_ceduna_happy ed pratt.jpg
day 35_ceduna_happy ed pratt riding with mark.jpg
day 42_paramatta mountain_highest climb of australian leg.jpg
day 42_paramatta mountain_pushing through the unforgiving climb.jpg
day 42_pilliga nature reserve_highlander cup.jpg
day 42_mark.jpg
day 40_mewell highway jerildine_clocking the miles.jpg

new zealand winter scenes

On day 44 Mark touches down on New Zealand's South Island. It's cold in Invercargill, especially in the early mornings. But the scenery heading towards the Southern Alps is magnificent.

day 45_invercargill_cold weather.jpg
day 45_highway state 6_lake hawea cbeauty.jpg
day 45_highway state 6_frankton town.jpg
day 46_cook river, haast highway near fox glacier.jpg
day 46_haast highway_fox river glacier.jpg
day 46_haast highway_steep road ahead.jpg
day 46_haast highway_downhill is a treat.jpg
day 45_highway state 6_lake wanaka the neck.jpg
day 45_highway state 6_lake monica bike.jpg


Follow Mark's progress live here and here @mrmarkbeaumont

day 49_state highway one_downhill climb.jpg
day 49_state highway one_sheep relaxed.jpg
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